‘Stuff People Say’ videos mimic real life with hilarious results

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Maddison Shook | Staff Writer
 The premise of “Stuff People Say” is really simple: It is just a collection of the random things that a group of people, such as girls or hipsters, say that sound outlandish and hilarious when compiled back-to-back.

The Internet meme started out mainly on Twitter but has now spread to Facebook pages and viral videos. Recently, the meme now has its own APU-related incarnations in the forms of the Stuff APU Students Say Facebook page and the “Stuff APU Girls Say” YouTube video.

The Facebook page started in early January, when six APU students wanted to create something similar to the “Stuff Girls Say” web series. The students wanted to create something simpler and decided upon a Facebook group page.

In the short time that the page has been online, the response has shown the power of word-of-mouth, or Facebook invite, per se.

“We originally invited about 30 of our friends to the group, and then they invited their friends who invited their friends and so on,” Chanel Fuchigami, a senior applied health major and one of the page’s founding members, said. The Stuff APU Students Say page has gained a lot of positive response, creating many discussions between students commenting on posts.
“The Stuff APU Girls Say” video was created and filmed by junior screenwriting major Yolanda Rodriguez. Starring Shelli Marr, Ekaterini Angelis, Lindsay Cooper and Leslie Horrisberger. The video covers a wide variety of sayings derived from girls at APU. The topics in the video include the frequent use of the phrase “so good,” Wi-Fi-induced irritation and the awkwardness of the steps on West Campus.

“The video is funny because it is so realistic,” Horrisberger, a junior communications major, said. “There is a lot of truth to it, and I have personally heard a lot of people I know say things from the video. [And I have] said a lot of it myself, which makes it fun to laugh at.”

The video has gained a positive response from students.

“I thought it was funny because most of it is so true — maybe not typical for every girl at APU, but that stuff still happens,” freshmen graphic design major Alyssa Zavala said.
One of the greatest concerns raised about the meme is whether or not it encourages stereotypes. While that may be true to an extent, there seems to be no harm done. Both Fuchigami and Horrisberger expressed that stereotypes may exist in the meme, even though that was not its intention.

It is important to remember that these sites and videos are meant for humor. It may be considered somewhat stereotypical, but there is truth in the stereotypes. Obviously, not every single girl at APU dreams of marrying Tim Tebow, wears Tom’s shoes and excessively uses the word “community.” But there are enough people to make the statements in the video absolutely hilarious. There is no need, furthermore, to get worked up over another fad in Internet humor.

Stuff People Say will most likely remain popular for only a few more months — its popularity will die down after a while. Memes have a tendency to lose their pop culture relevance. Try to think of the last time someone actually referenced “My Life Is Average” in a conversation, for example.

To be quite honest, it is downright comical to think about how often we say or think about certain things. What makes these videos and sites so humorous is how true the content actually is and how people identify with it. Viewers know people who have said the exact same things from the videos and are often guilty of it themselves. “The Stuff APU Students Say” and “The Stuff APU Girls Say” videos are just glimpses of student life. Truth be told, life sometimes is just plain funny

Original Article: http://www.theclause.org/2012/02/stuff-people-say-videos-mimic-real-life-with-hilarious-results/


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